November 30, 2010

Nominations/Best Blog Lists- What are your thoughts??

I know many of us in the bloggie world have been receiving e-mails of our blogs being listed on "Top Blog" lists & such.  It's fun to be recognized because blogs do take time, energy, and heart!  However, I wonder sometimes about the motivation of such awards.  Some may just be trying to increase their hits by connecting to our loyal blog followers.  Though, I have had many hits come from these I guess it does work both ways!!  ha ha  I kind of appreciate the lists I find my blog on where the individual/company did not contact me.  I just found one today from Canada!  I'm thankful for Sitemeter.  Lets me know a bit more about those visiting my site.  I found one of my lessons popping up on several French blogs over the past month!!!  That's kind of strange...and cool!  What are your thoughts?? 


  1. I've been put on a couple of those lists and while I guess it's nice, I also don't like that the people making those lists are not contacting me first...or at all. Each time I've found out I've been on the list via others, so that is kind of strange.

  2. Sure, it's nice to be recognized, however, I don't think anyone blogs to have awards. We all blog for our own personal reasons, to share, to reflect and to educate. I have also found that everyone is so different and brings their own twist to blogging, therefore, it takes awhile to find your audience and niche.

    I think content goes a lot farther then am award. Do what you do, do it well, and people will notice award or not!

    Just my thoughts on it all!

  3. The Art of Education....I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Just like teaching...we do it because we want to make a difference...not to get teacher of the year!!! :)

  4. But, it is FUN when people notice isn't it;) Congrats just the same! I like looking at any list because sometimes I can find new blogs.