August 07, 2008

Art Teacher Inservice '08

Ok, so Janet & I (Julie too, but I didn't get a picture of her) decided to wear funny hats to the Visual & Performing Arts Inservice this morning. We were asked to help with registration & pass out packets as teachers arrived. Sometimes the start of a school year is a bit tough on teachers, and coming to an inservice is the last thing on their mind when they'd rather be working on their classrooms or planning for the first week of school! So we(affectionately called...The Art Gang) decided silly hats might help lighten the mood! I didn't take a survey or anything, but it seemed that we were successful! ha ha The three of us are very serious about what we do, but we do not take ourselves too seriously(most of the time)!

I wanted to include this picture of Janet to let you know that we didn't clown around the whole day! It has been years since we have been able to meet as "special area" teachers. It was so nice to see old friends & meet new ones!! Being able to connect, share ideas, and be with people who "get" what we do was refreshing!!!

If there are some art teachers out there reading this...please find a way to connect with other art teachers!! YOU NEED IT! Even if you don't think you do...YOU DO! Find others in your district, reconnect with old college friends in your program, join on-line art ed. groups.......JUST DO IT!!!! And if nothing else....leave me a comment with your contact information. I never meet a stranger.....and love to talk shop!!!

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