August 01, 2008

Dr. Ed's Annual Art Supplies Drive

It's that time again!!! Dr. Ed Thomas(chiropractor extraordinaire) is getting ready to have his Annual Art Supplies Drive. My friend Julie(pictured left) & I are the recipients of this gracious gesture.

For the past several years, Total Body Healthcare, Inc has had an Annual Art Supplies Drive, and it has truly made an amazing impact on our art programs. The supplies that come in(markers, crayons, scissors, glue..etc) mean that we can use our limited funds to purchase other important/necessary items to create a rich & meaningful art experience for our students. I've taken a section of Dr. Ed's flier and placed below so you can see what he is offering on his end of the deal! Julie & I both go to Dr. Ed(and this was before he started giving us stuff!! ha ha), and will sing his praises as a chiropractor. So if you are in need of some chiropractic attention....this is the time to go!!! Help yourself & help the art programs at Tulip Grove Elementary & Hermitage Elementary.

Our C-Savers will be August 14th. Please bring in $15 worth of art supplies in
exchange for your adjustment. Also, when you refer in your friends and family, they
can bring in $15 of art supplies to begin their care. This new patient special runs for
the entire month of August.

• Did you know that Metro Art teachers receive about $3.00 per child to buy
supplies that have to last all year?!?
• These supplies will be donated to Tulip Grove Elementary and Hermitage
Elementary schools.
• Help us make this year a year to remember for these students!

Total Body Healthcare, Inc
August 1-29, 2008
Phone: (615) 885-7300
252 Jackson Meadows Dr. Hermitage

(here are some of the supplies that were brought to last years supply drive)

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