August 15, 2008

Art Room Bulletin Boards & Displays '08

I have A LOT of bulletin board space in my room! Some are I break them down into smaller spaces. I've created 11 seperate bulletin boards this year....and they are motivational, behavior, silly, informative, and practical! Some boards are pretty much the same as in years past. I will often reuse "pieces" of previous boards, but change them to fit the color theme for the year. Oh, did I mention....I have fabric for my boards in a five year rotation. This way none of my students will see the same exact board twice unless they fail(and even then..the boards won't be exactly the same). I use color themes: primary, secondary, warm, cool, green(I love green). The fabric is not that expensive($1 a yard table at Wal-Mart), and it can be reused for a LONG time. I handmake most of the other things for my boards. I love cutting out letters(it's relaxing to me). Check out the pictures above!! These are only some of my bulletin boards for this school year(sorry, the photo's aren't the best). If you have any questions..just leave a comment!!!


  1. I read about your room in "Art Rooms on Steroids" magazine. Looks great dude. Staples is giving away free Elmer's glue - limit 2 per visit.

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