February 20, 2014

Something Fun for the Baby!

So we are about two months from Caroline Joy 
going from an inny baby to an outty baby!!!  
I found this little onesy at Dollar General...had to get it!!!! Thought it was pretty perfect.
ha ha  If you are a prayin' person...please send one out for my wife today!  She did not pass her first glucose test...and is now doing the 4 hour one!!! Not fun for ANYONE...and when your pregnant..I can imagine it is pretty horrible!  She's not had an issue with the first two....so the idea of gestational diabetes is a bit scary.  We already have LARGE babies naturally....if she has gestational diabetes....
we may have to take the baby even earlier!


  1. Love the onesy! Will keep your wife in my prayers. My daughter had to go though this and I know how difficult it was for her. Prayer is powerful, hope the test results are good news!

    1. Charmaine...we just got the news...she doesn't have gestational diabetes!!! PTL!!!!!