April 04, 2023

WEAVING: Specialty String

 While doing tapestry type weavings with 4th grade, I have students use five colors within their "color story".  After adding their five colors, they are allowed to add a "specialty string" into the mix.  They are allowed to use it 3x within their weaving.  I tell them if you use it more...it isn't really "special".  

What is specialty string?  I have a pretty big variety that I've obtained over the years. I found some of it at Dollar Tree & Big Lots for a very good price.  I found some of it in the clearance section at craft stores.  I Keep my eyes open for things that are fun/different, and that I think my students could successfully weave.  Let me give you all a tip...DO NOT GET POM POM YARN!!!!!  Imagine a bunch of little pom-poms going through the warp strings!! UGH!  Trust me...it is a headache and totally not worth it.  Here is a look at the top of my specialty string box, and some weaving examples from years past (we aren't to that point yet this year...just started them!). 

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