April 26, 2023

Emoji Stuffies w/ Painted Faces

My 5th graders are creating Emoji Stuffies!  In the past I've done "ugly dolls" & "shape monsters" for sewing projects with my 4th graders.  We now have 5th grade in elementary, and I decided to move the sewing up to be one of their projects.  I am using Smart-Fab's pre-cut circles.  I purchased them through BLICK(I believe they come in a pack of 100).  They are a great manageable size for students that have no background in sewing.  Doing too large of a project can become extremely overwhelming.  Some of my classes are finding great success...and some are struggling a bit.  The struggle is worth it...I feel sewing is a life skill kids need!  Here are some of the finished results.  They used Sharpie & acrylic paint to create the faces.


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