September 16, 2021

Staff Fall Paint Night

It has been 2 years since we had a faculty/staff paint night at my school.  I had cellulitis, we had a tornado, a global pandemic...lots of things kind of got in the way!  One thing I knew...we had to bring paint night back!!! It is such a wonderful time for faculty/staff to enjoy one another's company, decompress, laugh, and a whole lot more!!  I have my teacher donate a couple dollars and I furnish all all the paint and canvases.  I create stencils (this year with the help of my practicum students) that allow those a little less confident with their drawing skills to feel successful.  I encourage everyone to do their own thing, and I float around the room and help them if they run into trouble.  We have hair drier stations set up so that they can do a quick dry to get to their next layer.  If you aren't doing paint nights at your school...think about giving it a try!  It really allows others to see you as an art a new light! 

Ms. King was so proud of her beautiful painting!! She has always come to the paint nights but struggled to finish her work and get it to a place that she really loved.  This was her paint night though...she finished her work and it was wonderful!!! 


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