July 28, 2021

START OF A NEW SCHOL YEAR: The Struggle is Real!!

As if the past year and a half hasn't been crazy enough....we have new custodians who are still figuring things out (This is not a slam on them...there is a learning curve when you start something new!). Add to it that they built a kiln room inside my classroom this summer which delayed waxing & putting everything back?!?!?!  We go back starting Tues for 4 days of inservice.  I hope we have a chunk of time in our schedule to work on our rooms!! ha ha  I'm still figuring things out with my kiln room taking up space & having to get rid of two metal cabinets that I use to use to block off my kiln.  

Who has started, is starting soon, has a month left?!?  

Ever need to share/vent...I'm hear for ya!! 


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