February 24, 2021

Tints & Shades Turtles: 2nd Grade

 When we returned to in person classes, I decided that we would do ALL THE THINGS!!  I was a little more cautious when we returned for 6 weeks in the fall (using supplies I could easily disinfect). So my students had not painted since before the tornado & then pandemic (which is going to be a year ago next week I believe).  I was so excited to just give my students supplies they could get messy with & create whatever their hearts desired.  Well...that lasted 1 day.  I quickly realized my students were out of practice with.....well....a lot of things!  I needed to reign our project in a bit, and use it as a stepping stone to be more creative as we got back into the swing of being "in" school.  

So we worked on tints & shades creating turtles (my fav. animal). 

The students loved it & I remained relatively sane that first week back! ha ha We're starting to get our in person school groove back!!  

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