February 17, 2021

Snow Days: I NEED A HAT!!!!

We were back to school for a week.....and then BAM!!!!!  Snowed in for a week (Middle TN started with ice...about 2 inches of it....then we received about 4 or 5 inches of snow on top!).  I realized I did not have a good winter hat so I could go outside with my kids.  Hats are an issue with me because I have a HUGE head.  No really...I have to buy my hats at www.bigheadcaps.com  (awesome company based here in Middle TN!).  I used an old sweatshirt to create a hat.  


I used the waist band area for the bottom part of my hat. I folded it up once to make it thicker over the ears, and then sewed in an extra layer of sweatshirt material so it was triple thick! I love a "elf" hat style because my students crack up (I finger knitted one years ago that I would wear to bus duty, but don't know what happened to it?!?).  

After I was finished sewing I painted turtles onto it.  I think I may add a few more....you can see there are some large spaces without.  It is warm, fits well, and one of a kind! 

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