January 25, 2021

Primary & Secondary Colors: Kindergarten

We are still virtual, and supposed to be teaching color. My students do not have access to many supplies. So I did these two drawing lessons with my kindergarten students to teach primary & secondary colors. The books are great, and I feel they know what the colors are now. Well paint when we can return to face to face!! 

In the story Hide Clyde, a Clyde is unable to change colors like his family until he is in a situation where there are crazy colors and patterns all around him (and he is in trouble!).  I had the students use the primary colors for a patterned background, and then they used the same colors on Clyde so he was "hiding". They could also make a bug on his tongue that used different colors if they wanted.  We are studying color this 9 weeks in kindergarten, and are looking at our color wheel, discussing color families, and such.   You could use this lesson for any color concept that you wanted, or as a way to teach/reinforce patterns.  

The dust bunnies can also be taken in whatever direction you wanted in regards to color (warm/cool, primary/secondary, analogous , complementary).  The students have a lot of fun making funny faces on their dust bunnies & you can sneak some color concepts into your lesson! 


  1. Can you give more explanation of how you tied primary colors to Hyde, Clyde? The illustrations looked like they would lend themselves to complimentary colors. Did you show that on a color wheel?

    1. I went back and added a bit more description to the post...check it out and let me know if you have any other questions.