December 06, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Get The Word Out!

Each Sunday I do a devotional here on my blog connecting art and faith. The rest of the week it is all art/art education.  If my Sunday posts are not your thing...please feel free to skip over them and view the posts related to art/art education.  Thank you for visiting! 

Some artists have no problem promoting their work.  Others may struggle with shameless self promotion.  Either way, it is imperative that positive information and affirmation is shared in order to promote the art and artist.  One of the best ways to do this is "word of mouth".  When someone likes your art work & believes in what you are is hard to keep them quiet (Not that you want to do that! ha ha).  They will share pictures of your work, talk about your work, and encourage everyone they meet to purchase your art.  They want others to know what they know, experience what they've experienced, and to share in the connection that they have. Even if no one else seems to care, they will continue to share because of the impact it has made on them.  

 How often do "things" speak for us without a word spoken.  Our attitude, actions, investments, relationships, entertainment, and work ethic can share more about our heart than our words ever could. We share in various forms those things we most value.  If our lives have truly been changed by the Lord....shouldn't that be evident?    Shouldn't our words and our deeds reflect the impact of his love in our life?  Not that we would be "Bible Thumping" or trying to force people to believe what we believe, but a natural byproduct of knowing God is making him known.  We are excited about the love, security, and peace that comes with that personal relationship.  It's hard not to want to share that with others.  Just like talking about our family, job, or hobbies just comes naturally, so will the impact of God in our lives. 

What keeps you from telling others about your relationship with God?   What is preventing you 
from letting others know about what he has done in your life?  

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