December 29, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Letting Go

Most artists I know love to collect art supplies. Maybe they are necessities, the latest greatest version of a tried and true, the newest tool or material that will revolutionize their work, or an innovation that will make life easier.  Maybe there is an amazing sale going on, we have coupons, someone gave us a gift card, or we have "extra" money at a given point in time.  It could be that we are afraid if we'd don't get something now...we might not ever be able to get it.  Whatever the case might be...if we are able to acquire more art supplies, we will. Some we might actually use right away. Other things we know we will find the right project for them at some point.  Some though....we look at and wonder why we ever thought we need them, but we aren't willing to part with them because you just never know. Too much of a good thing can get in our way of accomplishing what we really want to do. I become overwhelmed at times when there are too many option or too much clutter.  When this happens I know I must let go of the unnecessary and prioritize the pertinent.  I'm not against trying new things because you never know when you will find a gem. However, storing up supplies you may never need or use only gets in your way. 

When the Israelites were in the wilderness God provided manna for them to eat. He told them to only collect enough for the day. The Israelites did not listen.  They collected more than they needed...and it 
spoiled/rotted. Why would they do this if God instructed them not to? They were worried they would run out. They were concerned that the next day the manna may not come. They did not trust God to provide for their needs. What if? What could it hurt? This attitude shows that they thought they knew better than God on how to provide for themselves. This attitude...and behavior showed their hearts' condition. They had forgotten God had provided for them from the beginning. They had dismissed all he had done for them from the start of the exodus.  And can we just be real for a minute here...when we say is really the same with You and I. We fill our life with things. We do whatever we can to feel secure, comfortable, and in control. We begin to push God out of our lives except where it is convenient.  "We've got this God....we don't need you!" We fill our life up with so much clutter....we have no room to see the Lord work.

We must learn to trust God with today. We live by our planners, calendars, and electronic notifications. We struggle to leave life open to what God may have us do. Though he does not desire for us to be sluggards/lazy...we can not be so worried about our "tomorrow" that we plan away any opportunity for God to use us or change our plans. We must approach each day with open hands and open hearts trusting that God will meet our needs as we live for him.

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