December 15, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Good Enough?

Is your art good enough? How does it compare to other artists? Are your themes relevant? Are you you technically superior? Are you evolving? Are you being sought after? Can you actually make money as an artist?  

Do these questions make you sweat a bit or give you heart palpitations? Does your stress/anxiety levels raise when you think through these things? As artists we are faced with these question both externally & internally.  They are a reality in a field that has "ART CRITICISM" as a foundation. Though these questions can be beneficial if reflected upon in a constructive manner, they can also squelch the insecure.  A statement such as, "Am I good enough?" can cause one to question not only the artistic worth of their creations, but their own personal worth and value as an artist. There is something about those words that can derail even the most confident and seasoned artist. How do we continue when we are told we are not good enough? 

We are bombarded by negativity in our world today. If we allow this negativity into our hearts and minds....we can become "defeated" before we have the opportunity to succeed or not.  We can also unwittingly perpetuate the negativity that has been given us. This cycle prevents us from fulfilling what we were designed/called to do. God does not look for "good enough". He desires men and women who have an open heart to love him and serve him with abandon.  We cannot hold on to the negativite self talk or the deplorable comments (and/or actions) of others.  We must embrace the truth of God's Word.  Deuteronomy 31:8 is a picture of our Lord's provision so that we can go boldly, stand confidently, and continue to grow in grace and understanding as we live out the life he has give us. 

Do you doubt? Do you get trapped in a loop of negativity?  Does fear prevent progress in your life?
What do you need to trust God with this week? 

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  1. "Our Help is in the Name of the Lord, Who Made Heaven and Earth." What more do we need? I base all my hope on Him. I have only as much talent as He gives me, and I strive to develop it to the best of my ability, but I know there are limits and I have to be humble enough to admit that.

    If we are feeling less than confident, just draw something for the younger students, and their amazement at our prowess will bolster us! Ha ha! They are my biggest fans!