August 19, 2019

Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop: DAY TWO

(Much delayed post from Day 2 of the Summer Workshop!)
Welcome to DAY TWO's post of the 4th Annual Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop!  Our second day always includes a field trip somewhere.  In the past we have gone to the Frist Museum, explored public art in downtown Nashville, and The Parthenon.  We returned to the Frist Museum to see the Frida exhibit & the newly opened Surrealism exhibit.  Teachers also enjoyed the renovated Art Quest (for kids & kids at heart!!).  I would say that the field trip was a success!!! 

I think Jill REALLY REALLY enjoyed it!! ha ha ha

I actually enjoyed the photos more than the paintings!  I felt like I got to know Frida through the amazing photographs.  They felt very personal. 

The surrealism exhibit was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't resist using the picture of Jill for a good meme! ha ha

We then went back to our studio space and continued creating!  Teachers finished up their collage circles(created on the craft circles I use for circle weaving) & worked on their outdoor sculptures.  We used bottles, pool noodles, and outdoor Mod Podge!

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