August 16, 2019

1st Week K-4th Collaborative Project

Every year I try to kick the first week off with a large collaborative project......something that will get the kids excited about art...and something that will have great visual impact in the school!
  Some years I paint....some years not.  This year I decided to use marker. I pre-cut the circles in different colors.  Each child created a "face" (Person, Animal, Monster, Alien) and were limited to two colors and black for outlining.  I had some students help re-outline some that were not very solid or those that were not finished by class end.  I also had students help arrange and glue the circles together for display.  I was thrilled with the results....however....there was a problem!!!

My inspiration for this project came from fabric I saw at IKEA in Memphis,TN.  I snapped a picture of it, but did not have the name of the design or artist.  I problem!  GOOGLE!!!  Well, much to my surprise...Google doesn't know everything.  I also tried uploading it to Pinterest to see if it would populate other images of the fabric/design.  NOPE!  Finally, this week I Tweeted IKEA USA, IKEA Canada, and IKEA UK and asked if they could help me out.  IKEA Canada was the only ones who responded(THANK YOU!!!).  They were able to give me the name of the art work (ALIEN CROWD) and that it came from Graham & Brown. I then Googled that information and came to a design firm website.....AND I FOUND THE ORIGINAL ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
His name is Kev Munday...and his work is AMAZING!!  You have got to check him out!

So armed with that information...I found his Twitter account and Tweeted him a message & picture of the kids artwork.  AND HE RESPONDED!!!!!!!!!!!!  My students were beside themselves!!! 



  1. How COOL is THAT???!!! Perfect that you were able to find the artist and that he RESPONDED! I bet he was thrilled! Of course it was the Canadians that pointed you in the right direction! I'm happy for you!

  2. This is a great idea - and great detective work on your part! The artist must be thrilled with your results, too.
    Do you mind if I do something similar for a class I will be teaching as a substitute Art teacher?

    1. Please do...that is why I share! Would love to see the results when you finish!!

  3. That project turned out great. The students made some really cool faces.

  4. Love your enthusiasm. This is a neat project; we have 7 kids and homeschool and I am always looking for art ideas that they will love - pretty sure this will fit the bill.

  5. This is a great idea; love your enthusiasm. Love that you wanted to give proper credit to original artwork. We homeschool; as the teacher (Mom) I am always looking for art projects that ALL of the kids can accomplish. And a project that they love. This will definitely be on our list!