July 16, 2019

Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop: DAY ONE

At the end of June we had the 4th Annual Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop. I had no idea what to expect when we first began this adventure, but it has been such a wonderful experience & I truly look forward to it each year.  We had 16 teachers this summer Pre-K - 12th grade.  Two of the teachers were not art educators, and it was a joy to have their unique perspectives.  I'll have three posts that will break down the days.  You'll see some overlap because certain projects were began on one day and completed on another.  Maybe next summer you can join us.  We have had people from 8 states & a number of counties in Tennessee join us in past years. 
We have such an amazing time!

We started our day with doing the silk screen project using nylons & embroidery hoops.  This is one of those projects that needed dry time.  The Mod-Podge needs adequate time dry & opportunity to go over it once it has dried to make sure it has good coverage.  It was fun to see the variety of ideas teachers came up with for their screen designs. (You will see finished images in the other posts.)

The next projects we created were masks two ways.  We did paper mache using liquid starch & plaster wrap strips.  I talked to the teachers about creating a main character from a story & then a scene from that story.  I wasn't sure what to expect after this part of the project, but was amazed by the end products (I can't wait for you to see!).

I asked teachers to create a poster that would be motivation/encouragement for themselves or their students.  Sometimes we don't make the time to create such things for our classrooms, and I wanted to give the teachers the time & materials to make something that was meaningful to them.

Stay tuned for the next post from the Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop.....

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