April 08, 2019

Mod Podge Professional Development

Last week I led a PD for K-12 art educators in our district.  There were 20 in attendance....and it was a whole lot of fun!  We are blessed here in Nashville to have a ton of art teachers (close to 150...I think!?!?), and that allows us to have district professional development for those art teachers.  

I had posted awhile back on my blog about the nylons/embroidery hoop silk screening at tried out.  Some of the teachers in my district saw it...and asked if I'd lead a PD on it.  That was not enough to build a whole PD on...so I decided to use Mod Podge as my theme....I find a bunch of different uses for it in the art room.  Some "normal"...some not.  Here are the pictures from our day!! 

(Feel free to ask questions if you have any!)

It was an amazingly packed day!!  I was trying to provide a variety of projects that utilized Mod Podge in different ways! One of our teachers was like...."WHAT...ANOTHER PROJECT!!!"  ha ha
I like to give teachers a lot to work with!!!!!

Mod Podge can make a great resist....and you can select from gloss or mat for just the right look you want/need for your work! 


We used clear plastic plates for a "self portrait" collage/painting project.  Mod Podge makes a dishwasher safe version of its

Did you know Mod Podge painted around the edges of burlap prevent it from fraying!!

Here are some beautiful odds & ends that Mod Podge was applied to in some way! 

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