April 15, 2019

K-4th Art Show: Secret Garden

I forgot to post pictures from my K-4th Art Show?!?!  I got so busy after the show preparing for the professional development I was leading the following week & matting Mayor's art show work..... It totally slipped my mind! 

 Last year was my most attended art show....with 325 people.  I do a stand-alone show with no other PTO program/music or anything.  I had a feeling this year would not be as well attended (spring sports & so many other after school events the past month).  We did have around 250 people attend though...which I feel isn't too shabby!  


The ever important sign in table.

I have my students make THANK YOU cards for guests to take as they leave!

If you do activities & don't have volunteers...you have to make sure you pre-prep the activity so it can be mostly self-sufficient.  I walked by a couple times to "clean" it up a bit. 

I pre-drew this activity center for guests to color in using markers(only washable so you can clean the wall for our fun young artists who color outside the lines...off the page...down the wall!! ha ha)

COOKIE TABLE!! I pre-plate the cookies(cookies are donated by faculty and staff) so that they can be changed out easily through out the night.

Remember the activity centers at the beginning of the post....
Kids & parents enjoy creating together!!!

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