July 19, 2018

Vacation Inspiration for the Art Room

My family went on a day trip to the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. It is only 2 hrs from Nashville,TN(where we live), and truly fun for the whole family! There were several "art" type things there that I appreciated, but what I'm about to share really inspired me!!  I'll share the pictures & give a blurb under each one about my thoughts on how I'll art spin it!  I'm thinking I'll take 12x12 canvases and paint the words/symbols on it & hang them above my marker board at the front of the room.

Art starts with an idea....so "THINK IT" is perfect to start the process!

Students will need to "EXPLORE IT" as they proceed with the ideas.  This could be researching art, artists, or photographs that relate to their idea & direction they will to go.

"SKETCH IT" - Enough said!  

After working through different sketches, students will proceed with their idea in a more finalized format...and "TRY IT"/"CREATE IT".  I'm still working through this one.  I feel they could be one in the same.  Plus, I'd like to get it down to 6 steps instead of 7.  (What are your thoughts?)

Students will have opportunity for personal, peer, and group critique of their work.  They will then be able to "TWEAK IT", and make any necessary changes.

Though "SELL IT" is applicable in art, I think I'll probably change it to SHARE IT or PRESENT IT.  That way I can tie it into the standard PRESENT, and have students start thinking about "beyond creating".  

These are my three goof balls!

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