July 29, 2018

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: WAITING

Most artists & art educators are not known for embracing times of waiting. We are by our very nature.....DOERS.  Some things just take time.  It could be that we are attempting to grow in a certain area.....but growth takes time.  It could be that we are attempting to get our work in a particular show, but face rejection...multiple times.  It may be seeing our "dream" job listed, but we are not hired for the position...this time.  No matter our dreaming, plotting, planning, and preparing.....there are times that we just must wait.  The waiting is part of our growth process.  It may be the very thing that allows us to develop in ways we never dreamed, to get our work into the show that will propel us to the next level, or to land the dream job we had yet to dream!

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.
Psalm 130:5

In our faith walk, we often try to take control of situations that we should be laying at the feet of our Lord.  We think we have things under control.  We think we know what is best.  We think we know the way we should proceed to get things done.  We struggle to wait for the Lord. We struggle to wait for his answer.  We struggle to wait for his plan.  We struggle to wait for his best.  Our desire to DO....does not allow us to BE.   In Psalm 130:5 we see a beautiful picture of waiting.  I WAIT FOR THE LORD- I don't try to make my own way.  MY WHOLE BEING WAITS- It is not only my actions that show I'm waiting on the Lord...but my heart & mind as well.  AND IN HIS WORD I PUT MY HOPE- I can trust in his promises.  I can go to scripture to know why I place my trust in God & to see that he is faithful! Waiting is not weakness. Waiting is wisdom.  Do not begrudge the waiting you do in your life....it may be the very thing God is using to bring you closer to him....to share his love with others....and to protect & prosper you! 


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