May 04, 2018

4th Grade Weaving

My 4th graders are a couple weeks in to their weavings....and it is going great with most classes.  It is amazing how there seems to be "THAT" class that struggles every year?  Is it group think?  Is it the placement of certain kids together?  Is it the end of the year hitting harder in some rooms than others? I love weaving, and am very excited to teach it...and to help kids that are struggling.  However, with "THAT" class...I feel like I need to clone myself once or twice?!!?  How are the rest of you doing?  Do you have the same experience?

I personally do feel that there are "classes" that don't mesh, that are heavy on children that struggle in mental, emotional, or behavioral ways, or that have a classroom teacher that can be inconsistent.  All of which can greatly impact how the group responds to other teachers & other subjects.  


I do believe that we have the power/ability to change the direction they are going.  I do believe that they can learn, grow, get along, and create amazing works of art!  I do believe it takes different strategies, different ways of encouraging, different levels of patience & grace.  I do believe expectations should be reexamined without lowering!  

Sorry....I think I was just giving myself a pep talk right there.  Maybe you needed it too? 

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