April 16, 2018


This year I've changed how I'm doing 2nd grade's Coil Pots.  We are still learning how to create coils.  We are still learning how to join clay properly.  However, we're creating clay coil spirals, and then joining them side by side inside a bowl (PLEASE NOTE: If you are using plastic bowls..place a paper towel in the bowl so that the clay does not stick and ruin a whole class worth of bowls!  Not that I would know from experience or anything!??!?!)  

I sat one of my 2nd grade examples on top of one of my 4th grade examples....and the "BRAIN BOWL" was born!  The kids named it...I just was trying to make room on my demo table! ha ha

The inside of the bowl is smooth, and the coily goodness can be seen beautifully on the outside!

At the end of class students brought me their unused clay.  However, some was too dry to put back in with the "good" clay.  I don't have an area to wedge and such...so usually too dry clay goes in the trash.  I decided to use their too dry clay to make this little turtle! 


  1. I have done bowls like this. Use a coffee filter and Styrofoam bowls. It will not stick or tear. I have students take finished clay bowl out, flip Styrofoam bowl over, place coffee filter back on bowl. Then place clay on top of filter. It dries well.

  2. I put a plastic grocery bag inside the bowl. At the end of the class, just put in a damp paper towel & close the bag; it's ready to go for the next class (they meet once every 3 days). I usually have them finished in 2 class periods.