March 08, 2018

Another reason to love teaching elementary art...

I posted this on my social media, but wanted to make sure it was here as well.

I love teaching elementary art!  The amazing work they produce still surprises me 21  yrs later.  Sometimes it is because of the amazing skill with which they create.  Sometimes it is the fearless approach they bring to creating.  Sometimes....their work is just hysterical....even if they didn't mean it to be.  This is one of those situations.

My 1st graders had been charged with creating a creature/animal in the style of a school picture on top of a fun watercolor checker board they created the week before.  Most were extremely cute cats, dogs, mice, bears..etc  Then I came to this one.  Mind you...this student has no clue on what he has created.....BUT I DO!!! 

 I give you the most amazing GROUCHO MARX BUNNY!!!
I adore this picture....and wonder if I can somehow keep it for myself!! ha ha  

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