February 23, 2018

Warhol's Cats: Kindergarten

I started my kindergarten class...as I always do...in the reading area.  We read Uncle Andy's Cats by James Warhola (Andy's Nephew).  We then looked at CATS CATS CATS by Andy Warhol.  My kiddos LOVED both books!  

I had my students watch me do a couple different demonstrations before I let them start drawing.  Most of them did not want to try to make the cat laying down!! ha ha I was ok with that.  They then traced their drawings with Sharpie marker.  Last they painted the cats & cat toys in with watercolor.  I asked them to not use brown or black to keep the colors bright!  I love the personalities of the cats shining through!!  I always try to teach/encourage/challenge my students to be individual and not create like me or their neighbors.  I don't want a factory of churned out cats(I know that irony of that when discussing Warhol!)

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