February 18, 2018

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: THAT PLACE

Place is an important aspect of the creative life.  We all have places that inspire us.  Some are places we return again & again.  Others can be temporary sources of inspiration do to individuals or situations that might change.  Place can also bring a sense of security for our creative pursuits. When we are in a location that provides security/safety...we can create with no fear.  Place also plays an important part in the actual creation of artwork.  Environment can truly impact an artists ability to create and their productivity.  I've seen some people create amazing work in chaotic places, but they would be crippled by the silence of a personal studio.  In turn, I've seen people that are unable to focus if there are any outside distractions.   Knowing THAT PLACE where you are most inspired & most productive is key in the artist's life.

But the Lord has become my fortress, and my God the rock in which I take refuge. 
Psalm 94:22

The words FORTRESS, ROCK, & REFUGE are truly comforting in the world we find ourselves living today.  God is THAT PLACE where when nothing else makes sense, when we feel small & insecure, when we are hit from every side by the troubles of this life....God is our FORTRESS, ROCK, & REFUGE.  Truly these are more than just words.  They describe where we place our hope.  They tell of the strength in which we can rest.  They denote the power of whom we believe.  If  we understand these truths, find our inspiration in this knowledge, and move forward in the power of God....we will be able live the beauty of this life He has given.

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