December 17, 2017

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Too Perfect

Have you ever seen art that looks "too perfect".  I'm always suspicious of it.  There is something about the imperfections of an artist's work that is endearing.  It connects you to the work because you see the humanity.  Van Gogh & Monet's brush strokes bring images of the artists working on their paintings, stepping back, making changes, smiling at their accomplishment, and then probably making more changes.  Most artists I know will admit their struggles. They are very much a part of the artistic process. The struggles are often what leads to amazing breakthroughs, new techniques, and renewed passion. 

If anyone thinks they are something when they are not,
 they deceive themselves.  
Galatians 6:3

So often believers feel they need to have their "stuff" together.  They put on masks to appear better than they are.  They avoid conversations of depth as not to be found out. "I'm fine." or "Everything is good." is heard too often in response to "How are you?" Why can we not admit we are hurting, struggling, in pain, or in need?   The number one thing that non-believers or those who have walked away from the Lord say......"THE CHURCH IS FULL OF HYPOCRITES".  One would think that might clue believers in to fact that people are hungry for authenticity.  If we were honest that we are struggling, that we aren't perfect, and that we don't always have it all would they respond?  Jesus did not come for the "perfect" or the person that "has it all together".  He came for the hurting, the sick, the one struggling with their sin, the one in need, the outcast....He came for ALL OF US!!!   Our faith needs to connect to a hurting world in a REAL way....they need to see the reality of it in the imperfections of our life.  You don't have to be perfect...because you aren't!  You just have to be real with who you are and who Jesus is in your life.

How can you start being more "real" and still reflect
 the love of Christ to a world in need? 

How can your imperfections reveal the truth of the gospel in your life?

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