February 22, 2017

Jack and the Beanstalk: Kindergarten

This week in Kindergarten we are reading Jack and the Beanstalk.  One of the reasons I decided to theme my art show and nine weeks(and maybe next nine weeks) on Nursery Rhymes & Classic Stories/Fables is because the kids just don't know them.  Only three students were familiar with Jack and the Beanstalk today.  That just blows my mind?!?  

So I had the students draw a loop-da-loop line from one side of their paper to the other.  They then had to make a second line right beside it so that there was something to paint inside of.  Then students added leaves to help fill in the empty spaces on their picture.  I gave each student Blue & Yellow tempera paint.  During my demo, I made sure to show them how to mix a lighter green & a darker green.  My kindergartners seemed to want to "scrub" the paper with a dry brush instead of redipping it into their paint.  I had to stop the class and reteach this part of painting to them.  I basically show them how the brush should flow across the paper, and how that looks compared to scrubbing the paper with a dry brush.  

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