February 17, 2017

Dollar Tree Love

I'm pretty sure I've talked about Dollar Tree in the past on here.  I truly think it was designed with teachers in mind!  We've been having MAJOR issues with the outsourced cleaning crew at our school.  I walk into a dirty classroom that has not been swept..trash has not been taken out...and forget about any other kind of cleaning that might occur.  TOTALLY AWESOME! is my favorite cleaner there.  That stuff is totally awesome!!  I've cleaned the hallway walls with it...taken writing off the bathroom walls...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  I've bought other clean products there as well that have truly been a blessing.  These are my latest purchases.  YEP...$1 A PIECE!!!!!   Are they the highest quality...nope, but they get the job done!!  That dust pan on a stick sure helps and old fat man like me!!  ha ha  I hope you all have Dollar Tree near you...it is a teacher's dream!!! (I'm not being paid or supported by Dollar Tree...just love 'em!!!)

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