October 18, 2016

Can't Stop Myself...

I do not teach in the same district where we live(neighboring counties). This year our schedules do not overlap.  So during my fall break I went to my kids' school and taught an art lesson! Their art teacher & I have become friends (she attended my conference this summer)...and she had mentioned about not having had kindergarten this early in the school year before (her school use to have a program to develop fine & gross motor skills for the first 3 nine weeks..then they would go to special areas the 4th nine weeks).  My wife told her...TED LOVES KINDERGARTEN..HE'LL COME TEACH A LESSON DURING HIS FALL BREAK! ha ha  

This is my son..he is a blur! 

I ended up teaching my son's kindergarten class.  They had yet to paint this year...so I did a watercolor lesson. As always...I started with a story that connected to the theme/subject matter of the lesson (pumpkins).  I'll do a post tomorrow of some of my favorite fall books to use with kindergarten!!  The kids were great!  They really enjoyed working with watercolor...and did such an amazing job listening to directions.  Even my son...who is pretty squirrelly at home..did a great job! The biggest challenge for me was that her classes were only 45 min..and I am use to an hour!
This kiddo use to be at my school...he was so excited for me to be there!!

Mrs. Farris is an awesome teacher...and I really appreciate her allowing me to invade her classroom and teach!! I'm thankful for such opportunities. 

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