June 26, 2016

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: It's Kinetic

Kinetic art captures the attention & imagination of the viewer.  There is something about movement that aids in creating/telling a story that stagnant pieces miss. It gives life to inanimate objects. Kinetic art possesses possibilities that other work does not.  I love mobiles.  It is interesting how the environment interacts with the work to create & change the movement of the piece. They can then be viewed from so many different perspectives.  However, imagine a mobile laying on the ground.  I know...what's the point?  It isn't doing what it was created to do any longer.  A mobile not ...mobile"ing" is just a pile of stuff.

Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.  Philippians 3:12

As Christians we can not set still.  If we think we've "arrived"...we have missed the mark, and are missing out on a constantly growing & changing(not that He changes..but we do!) relationship with our Maker.  Becoming a Christian is not the end of the journey...but the beginning.  We move forward in our faith by reading God's Word, fellowship with other believers, prayer, putting our trust in God & his plans, and much much more!  It is active....not still/stagnant.  We must never rest on what was because that will get us no where.  As we take steps of faith...we won't always get it right.  However, if we continue to walk humbly with our God...if we keep moving toward him & his plans for us....if we never stop seeking him first.....those around us will see what a vibrant real relationship with God is all about.  It is not perfect.  We are not perfect. But a kinetic faith...moving, active, going forward kind of faith will speak so much louder than a "faith" that looks perfect but is lifeless/inert.

Dear Lord..
Thank you for actively being involved in our lives.
May we actively pursue knowing you.
May our lives look as if we are walking closely with our God.
In Christ Jesus, Amen

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