June 05, 2016

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Emphasis

 Emphasis & Focal Point are two of my favorite design principles.  Emphasis has to do with bringing awareness to the content of a piece.  Focal Point is where you are high lighting a specific spot or place within a work of art.  There are many ways to achieve both principles, but the result is the same...something is elevated while something else is diminished. This allows the artist to have greater control over the meaning & impact of a piece of art on the viewer.  

 John 3:30

John the Baptist had quite the following!  It was never his goal to be the center of attention.  He was just living out the calling he had on his life...to point people back to God & to tell them about the coming Messiah.  There John stood..face to face with Jesus...the one he had been speaking about.  He turned "his" followers attention to the one who should have their attention & adoration.  He became less...and placed the emphasis from what would be....to what was, is, and ever shall be! 

I feel that our lives can point people to the Lord if we'd just have the right emphasis.  A person's motives & priorities can speak much louder than their actions & words.  In Luke 21 we see Jesus share that the poor widow's gift was more than the rich even though it was less.  It wasn't so much the amount, but the heart behind the amount given.  A humble heart that loves the Lord & serves Him with their WHOLE life will have a greater & deeper impact on this world.  Their emphasis is not on themselves (a real struggle in this present age), but on the One who gave them LIFE.  

Does your life display the right emphasis?  Does it let the "viewer" know what's most important, or is it muddled and confusing?  What can you do to so the emphasis is clear to others (and yourself)?  

Dear Lord, help me to reflect on my life & see the areas 
that need to be addressed.  Help me to have a life that emphasizes the things that are truly important to me, and reflect you in all I do & say.
In Christ's Name, AMEN 

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