February 01, 2016

A Heart-A-Day Sketchbook Challenge

I know that some of you may already be participating in other art challenges online & through social media.  I'm not trying to take away from what anyone else is doing.  So please...join in if you want  & if you can...but don't overwhelm yourself with all the fun extras out there provided through our amazing Art Education community!!  CREATE RESPONSIBLY!! ha ha ha


During the month of February...create a heart in your sketchbook each day!  I was once told in an art show..."Your use of hearts is cliche!"  Well, I think hearts are an amazing symbol of love & hope, and that they are not a cliche symbol!  
Have fun with it!!  Use a variety of media, styles, and applications to make it more interesting! I won't be posting daily challenges...I want you to create as you feel led!!   Then...if you would be so kind...post it on my ArtWithMrE Facebook page OR #HeartADayChallenge on twitter!(tag me in the post if you would so I see it!!) 

If no one else participates...that is ok.  I'm just in need of pencil/brush to paper creating right now!!!!  So really...it is kind of all about me & I'm just inviting you along! ha ha  :)  (and I think it would be extra cool to flood twitter with hearts!!)

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