February 02, 2016

A-Heart-A-Day-Challenge: Feb 1st

So yesterday I issued a sketchbook challenge.  I posted it on my blog & on Twitter about mid-day...and on Facebook once I got home(can't access Facebook at school).  I really wasn't sure how well it would be received...or if anyone would even participate.  I was so excited that people seemed to like the idea...and I had 9 people share their "hearts"!  THANK YOU!!!!!!  I'm hoping it will grow as the month goes on.  I love the diversity..and I'm sure will find some art projects to do with my students out of all the amazing ideas!  

If you didn't join in yesterday....start today!!!!  If you don't think you can do it everyday...do it when you can!  Just look for the posts on the ART TEACHERS Facebook page or my Facebook page www.facebook.com/ArtWithMrE ...you can share your picture there.  You can also share it on Twitter with #aheartadaychallenge  & tag me in it @ArtWithMrE.  

Just because I think this picture is ridiculous!!! ha ha

Here is my Feb. 1st!  

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  1. Missed this... I might not be able to do one a day... but I will for sure add it to my creative 'to do' list!! Great idea!