May 15, 2015

Tree Weavings: 4th Grade

Tree Weavings in Progress
This is the lesson made famous by Mrs. Cassie Stephens!  I usually do a more traditional rectangle 9in x 13in weaving.  However, time seemed in short supply this year.  The tree weaving takes a lot less time & is more forgiving for those students that struggle with hour glassing.  Week one I had students draw & paint a landscape for the background.  Week two they warped their loom & started the first string.  Week three students continued the weaving and began adding beads.  Most students are almost finished after week three.  It will take a partial class to finish the rest.  They've loved it!!  Adding the beads was a new trick for me....but I really like it.  Even if I return to the rectangular weaving...I think I'll keep the beads!!  


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