October 06, 2014

The Gift of Mr. E

Before you think I'm an ego maniac....read the post!!

See if you can follow this....My wife's best friend's cousin is an art teacher in a county south of Nashville.  Said person...from hence on being referred to as Amy...told her cousin (my wife's best friend) that she wanted to meet up with me as her birthday present.  Weird, eh? ha ha I could think of a million gift ideas better than time with me?!??!?!   Actually, her request was to meet up with me and discuss the new arts portfolio evaluation system that many counties in TN are adopting. I'm one of the trainers/evaluators for the district/state....so I was more than happy to do so!!!  Plus, I love meeting art peeps from all over!!!  I always feel like I learn something from hearing their stories/situations.   Anyways, Amy and I had a great time hanging out & talking shop.  She's going to take the information back to the other teachers in her district....and hopefully ease their fears & encourage them in the process!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!  

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