October 12, 2014

?Homemade Texture Plates?


My best bud, partner in crime, little sister I never wanted, general handy (wo)man, and a super cool aunt to my kiddos....Janet Malone....made this.  She use to blog ( go to http://www.msmalonesartroom.blogspot.com and leave comments about her lack of blogging ...maybe we can guilt her into starting back up! ).  Anyways?!? I wanted to share this project she worked on over fall break. She wanted to make texture plates for upcoming clay lessons.  First she drew out the designs...then hot glued along the lines...last she sprayed them with an acrylic sealer.  I am really excited to see how this works out!  Someone recommended she paint over them with a polyurethane to seal them better...but she is going to give them a try as is.  Yes...you can buy texture plates, but they can be pricey.  If this works well....I will post
 about the results & my take on them!!  


  1. They look great. We have made the same sort of thing using fairly stiff cardboard, about A4 size, we then drew patterns and designs and traced over them with thick paint, from a bottle with a tube, and let it dry. We painted this with gold or bronze acrylic paint. After this we got some dry tempera paint and a soft cloth that was slightly dampened, and rubbed over it, to give it a burnished look. The children are aged between 7 and 8 years old. You can see what we did on our blog www.base34atfreeville.blogspot.co.nz and look for the label on the side that says Burnished art. I love all the ideas on your blog and always feel inspired.

  2. I wish I had invited these. We love them so much in my are classroom.

  3. What a wonderful texture lesson! We have a whole bin of plastic texture plates, but this sure puts a new spin on things. I might make a set to add to the mix.