April 15, 2014

New Evaluation System

I've been busy trying to finish up my portfolio for the new arts evaluation system we're doing in MNPS(and a chunk of TN).  I have loved reflecting on my teaching...and seeing the gains my students have made!!  Here is an example from Kindergarten.  The first picture is from Aug...and the second from Jan!!!  


  1. Wow!! Do you have to provide data? Do you have to explain the growth? In My Wisconsin district I am not sure I could use this for my SLO, but I love it!

  2. I developed something similar to use for my SLO with grades K - 5 but also have to present some actually stats from pre and post test. Did you have to offer any explanation? I hope yours goes well...I meet with my supervisor next month but the binder was handed in a few weeks back.

  3. I teach in Tennessee also but we have not yet implemented the new art standards for CC. How much time does this take? Do you have to do this for every student? We have over 550. Right now they have special areas doing a lot of other duties. I would rather be working on folders in art than these other duties.....I am afraid they will just pile it all on. I love the progress. Some years it shows more than others. (development) Love your blog...you encourage me.

    1. This is not a part of CC. It is a growth measure. You only need to do it with a sampling from the grades/populations you teach. I too have about 550 kids...but only had to provide 3 students pre & post from each grade level(so 15 students). I hope you get a chance to do it...it is outside of work time, but worth being judged on your own merit instead of math or reaching scores!!!