April 12, 2014

Jasper Johns Inspired

Jasper Johns inspired work in 3rd Grade.  I took a good bit of time to instruct the students on using a ruler to create a grid. So many seem to have never held a ruler before?!?!  We then worked on box & bubble letters.  Some struggled..but over all did a great job.  We used to water color pencils to color.


  1. I'm hearing that a lot more from other Art Teachers about not being able to use a ruler! Many put the blame on common core, I'm not sure if I believe that but who knows!.

    1. I had issues long before common core!! Haha!

  2. Dividing her name in this way is a very interesting technique - even for a grown up! Anyway, she seems very into her work. Nice to see that you spent some time teaching her how to use a ruler.

  3. This is an issue I run into a lot with 3rd graders and even 5th graders.

  4. I found the same problem with rulers and third grade last spring. I spent an entire class period just learning to hold and use a ruler. The end result turned out to be an interesting project in and of itself with lines of varying distances crisscrossing a sheet of paper.