September 07, 2013


A MAJOR contribution came in today for my EdBacker campaign!!! 

I'm getting closer to my goal so I can get an iPad for my art room!!!

Artsonia & James Meyers(co-founder of Artsonia)
That was such a blessing...and major encouragement!


  1. Go, Go, Go! You will make it!
    BRAVO to Artsonia - that's why we love em so much!

  2. Mr. E, I'm curious how you will be using the iPad in the classroom. My school spent 8 years worth of book rental fees on iPads, so all of my students have an iPad, and the teachers do as well. Unfortunately, I haven't put my iPad or my students' iPads to as good use as I should. I definitely don't want digital painting to take the place of hands-on skills. How do you plan to use your iPad in the classroom?

    1. There are a lot of programs that are coming out that are art teacher focused! I'm not totally sure of them yet(since I don't have an ipad)..but I hear they are great. Also..It makes it easier to capture & upload images. With our new teacher evaluation system being based on our students growth in art..this is very important!! I know that it can control my powerpoints on the LCD projector so I don't have to run back to my computer to forward.....I can do informal assessment as students wait in line with images and such for review....and it can allow me to pull up pictures for the students that need help drawing X thing. :) Those are just a few....but I'm sure I'll use it for so much more!

    2. Well, I hope you get one soon! I look forward to hearing what you do with it when you do :).