September 11, 2013

EdBacker Campaign: Less Than $100 To Go!!!!!!!!!!

"I have been visiting Mr. E's website for wonderful ideas and links to other fabulous art teachers for 4 years... I thought it was time to say "Thank You!" Meg Hayes"  Rawson Elementary Art Teacher Hartford, Connecticut

Friends...I'm less than $100 from completing my EdBacker campaign to get an iPad for my classroom!!!  I'm so excited.  I never thought I'd be able to get this piece of technology for my art room?!?!  I've heard that my smartboard is on its way?  I'm not holding my breath though. I am the last classroom in my school to have a smart board!!!  Even PE has one!!!!!!!!(they are amazing & deserve it though....but that is kind of unheard of..know what I mean?!?!).  I'm looking forward to learning & growing in my knowledge & use of the iPad in the art room.  I know many of you have asked how I'd use it...and I'm sure I'll document here the ups and downs(I love technology..but sometimes struggle with it).  

If you want to help me cross the finish line....go to the link below & give whatever is on your heart to give.  I've be so encouraged & humbled by the 6 that have contributed so far.  Please know I do not take this for granted!!  It is a blessing...YOU are a blessing!


  1. I sent money!!!! Good luck!!!


    1. Well now I can never delete you!?!?! :) ha ha YOU ROCK PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!