August 25, 2010

The Reading Area

I have had many people comment on my reading area.  I am blessed with a very large classroom, and have the space to create a reading area.  I know that many do not have this kind of space.  HOWEVER!  I think if you have a can make your space work for you so you can have a small area.  I read to my kindergarten students every time they come it is important to me to have it.  I also have a large section of art related books, animal books, season based books..etc. 
All great for students to look at if they have a question about what something looks like.
Best reason of all........I LOVE KIDS BOOKS!!!!!!


  1. I had a reading corner in my art room for the same reasons. I also had some art games and sculptural toys so when kids finished early they had something to keep them occupied. Love it!

  2. love your reading area!! where did you get the large pencil and crayon--love them too!

  3. Mum2Maggie....I got them at Dollar General. They don't have them all the time though. I've not seen them recently. They are piggy banks.

  4. Lovely! If only we could have this in our home!

  5. Yes, I have a reading area in my classroom and I read to my younger students nearly every class time.
    You have a neat area for reading!