August 21, 2010

New Digital Camera

So our wonderful school PTO gave us each a $50 gift card to Staples.  I usually can find some things there that come in handy...Sharpies, staplers..etc.  This year I was walking around...I saw this Kodak EasyShare for only $49.95!  I had been wanting a new camera that I could keep in the art room.  Ours from home is always full of baby pictures, and the schools camera could be about anywhere at anytime?!?!  Since I am the yearbook team(ha ha)...I knew that something like this would really come in handy.  It only has 3x zoom, but really...when you are taking inside don't need much more than that.    I LOVE IT!  Best purchase with a PTO gift card EVER!!!!!! 


  1. Wow,what a nice gift! How many teachers in your building? That could be a pretty pricey gift from your PTO. We get a nice luncheon on the last week of school, and some little cute trinket. There's about 70 teachers in our school and I know our PTSA's budget wouldn't cover such a nice gift for everyone. Have fun with your camera!

  2. Hey Phyl...there are between 40 & 50...not sure? ha ha It is a big amount...but our PTO is good about fun raisers(not too many..just the right kind that bring in money)...and they also don't believe in hording money. Get it to the teachers so it helps the kids! We're a Title 1 school not like we have some crazy big money comin' in.

  3. What a nice PTO gift! Great idea for a purchase, too.

  4. Hey! Great buy! We got a classroom set of digital cameras, and I sent the kids out in teams to take photos, maybe an option for you if you could get more cameras over time.
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