May 27, 2010

It's over...

Today is the last day of school...and tomorrow is our last day!  This year really did go by fast.  I'm sure selling our house, building a new house(almost finished), finishing my masters, having a 1 yr old made things go a bit quicker!! ha ha  Don't look for me to totally disappear from the blog over the summer though!!!  I am meeting next week to plan our fall inserve for the elementar art teachers of Nashville, I have a summer camp in July I am teaching, and I'm trying to get together some classes to teach at Hobby Lobby over the summer as well.  So look for some post concerning those things in the not too distant future!  I need to get back to packin' up my room for summer!!! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh... I wish I could say the same. We go until the 11th. Oh well... I have a ton to get done still. Your year sounds like mine two years ago... Masters, gave birth to number two, teaching full time and love'n every minute of it. Life is fast and so much fun! Enjoy the summer off... well sort of off:)