May 08, 2010

Beginning of the End: Part 2

Reorganize! Now is the time to take stock of what you have & where it is located. Every room is different in regards to storage space...there is no excuse for you not to be organized. I have been in a portable, a regular size classroom, and a room designed as an art room. I've even helped a friend get organized who did art-on-a-cart, and had a small closet for storage. You need to make your space work for you no matter. What do you use most often? What don't you use often, but are not ready to get rid of? What have you held onto for years, and should have been recycled or trashed?
If you are blessed with a classroom, what do you keep out in view of the kids? Do you have a shelf for everyday supplies? Are there things that could be put up that would declutter your room? Clutter can derail some of your students...not to mention mess with the fung shway of your room!!(ha ha) What kind of storage do you have that you can utilize better?? What products could you buy for your room that could help it to become a more organized place? ***************************************
If you need help processing through your own situation...e-mail me and I'll see what I can do to help! I'd love to have a show on HGTV or TLC where I go into classrooms and organize/decorate them!!!


  1. I'd LOVE to have you come in and help me organize my art room! This is a good time to take stock and try to re-organize for me. I feel like, as a first year teacher, that I've just gotten by this year and my room has been messier and more cluttered than I would like. I plan to get more organized this summer so next year isn't more of the same. My 10 year old tells me, though, that art teachers' rooms are SUPPOSED to be messy!

  2. Hey Mr. E., you crack me up - HGTV may be contacting you soon for a classroom organization special! I agree though clutter and what to save/pitch can be agonizing sometimes. I keep a "dead marker box" on the floor under a shelf in my room - we use old markers and caps in collages, marker lids for printmaking projects, etc. At the end of the year my kids LOVE helping sort things out - broken crayons, checking markers, sorting things by color, etc; we have a pass-back artwork/sort and clean the art room day at the end of May. Many little hands make the organizing tasks go quickly! Would love it if you'd add Georgetown Elementary to your blog roll!
    Thanks - Josey

  3. I just ran across your blog today. I was googling end of the year projects. I loved your post on the 'to-dos' of the end of the year!

    This is my first year at a new school. Needless to say, I learned a lot and could use some help in the organizing department getting ready for my 2nd year. If you're offering help, I'll take it!! I'd e-mail you pictures and maybe discuss some of my organizing issues from this last year? I really have no excuse, I have a beautiful space!!

  4. These organizing ideas that you bring up are good to think about. I have a very full art classroom and it is much more cluttered than I'd like. I have 3 deep storage cabinets, but they are already very full! I do love to have the kids do sorting of markers, templates, and other reusable supplies. However, I feel I should do more to get rid of so much stuff sitting out in the open.

  5. Hello Mr. E.
    I have just accepted a position as K-8th grade Art teacher in a private christian school.

    This is my first teaching job and I only have a minor in art. (So I did my student teaching in a regular ed. elementary class.)

    Currently, I've been instructed to come up with a curriculum map of what I will be teaching and when (for the year.)

    My question for you, where do I begin? ha ha.. big question I know! I have been given a few art curriculum books but have been told to "run with it."

    I'm not sure if I should divide the year up into the elements of art and teach history, periods, and different mediums in with that or if I should section it by; elements, periods, artists, 2d, 3d art...

    What's your opinion?
    Thank you!!

  6. Wow! I am so impressed with your level of organization. My room started off organized, but through the year I have accumulated overflowing boxes of toilet paper tubes and cheerios boxes, haha. You've inspired me to get it together! P.S. I'm envious of your enormous room!

    Shawsha (The Art Teacher Lady)