April 17, 2010

Water Lilies - 4th Grade

Every spring I do an acrylic painting with my 4th graders on canvas board. It is kind
of a special project to say goodbye! Something that they will remember & keep. I pick
a different theme every year for their paintings, and this year I selected Monet's Water
Lilies. The students enjoyed looking at his work & learning about impressionism. I used
the Getting To Know The World's Greatest Artists video for the lead in to the lesson.
Do you do any special projects for your exiting students(those going on to middle school/jr high)?
If so, I'd like to hear about it!!!


  1. Wow, your kids did a great job! My compliments!
    In Holland kids leave elementary school at the age of 12. Their last job is playing a musical together. We just started with it.

  2. My 5th graders all make a tile that we hang on the wall and it stays forever. Not everyone can do that but the tradition was started way before me.

    This year I ended the year with a couple projects that were pretty self directed. I presented three different ideas they could choose from for the last two classes. If they finished one, then they could move onto another!

    I presented metal tooling, op art on old CDs and pen and ink drawings. All minimal clean up, self directed activities.

    Love to hear some of your end of the year lessons!

  3. Yours came out so nice! I did this with the super fun glue and shaving cream method. They dry thick and blotchy like an impressionist. You can check it out at funart4kids.blogspot.com

    I just joined your blog...thanks!

  4. Love these! I tried it with my 4th graders but included another artist in the mix, Van Gogh! I was running a bit short on school year time and decided it was a great way to finish the year. They had the choice of working based on Monet or Van Gogh.
    You can check out the results for Monet at martclass.blogspot.com

    Great job on the blog!