April 29, 2010


I really would love to go to the NAEA conference next year! I've been to city, regional, & state conferences, but have never attended the national conference. I also would love to submit some possible sessions as a presenter. I love public speaking, and have led sessions locally. After 13 yrs of teaching, there are SO many different topics that could be covered. I need to narrow down my list so I can begin preparing. Yes, I know this years conference just finished...but I like to take my time and have several options. So what topics do you feel are important to you as an art educator, what do you see as possible strengths from my blog that could be expanded and shared, what do you feel has not been addressed in the past that you think I could put the Mr. E spin on???? You can comment or e-mail! THANKS!!!


  1. I went to the conference in Baltimore this past year and can't wait to attend next years! I heard that the topic is "Creativity" from the Elementary Education director. So maybe that could help you steer your thoughts.

  2. I loved your post about your bulletin boards! Anything on managing materials and artwork. My favorite session at the Virginia conference was when a few teachers got together and had several lessons for several grade levels with their posters and samples. It was great - and they had materials available so we could make and take our own samples or lesson posters. I just shot pics of them all and when I was ready to teach that or a variation of that lesson I had the digital photo... Good Luck!

  3. I think your No-No board is brilliant. Would love to have that presented...with the whys and justifications.