December 10, 2008

Winter Bulletin Board

I'm responsible for the main bulletin board in the hall way as you come into our building. I try to keep it simple, bright, and with something school related. This winter though, I decided to have my students help me out with it. I had all of my 4th grades, two of my 3rd grades, and one of my 1st grade classes make collage snow men/women. I was just going to use 4th grade, but they made them too small OR I underestimated how big the board was. They had a blast creating their snow people, and I loved seeing their creations. I laugh as I look through the gathering of snow people...seeing each one has their own distinct personality.


  1. The display is quite impressive with all the snowpeople. The great thing about snowmen/women is that they can stay up all through the winter and you don't have to change it until
    I found your blog through the art ed group on facebook.


  2. I agree Carolyn!! I do not let the kids put "holiday" things in their art. I always tell them a season lasts for months..but after a holiday..people will want to take your art down! :)

  3. Hi, Mr. E....I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this bulletin board post over on my blog, Bulletin Boards to Remember. jan