December 03, 2008

...Oh Turtle Tree...Oh Turtle Tree...

So I found my old fiber optic tree up in the attic and decided to bring it to school & have a little fun! My kids know how much I love turtles, and have gotten a kick out of my "Turtle Tree" for "Turtlemas" What is Turtlemas you ask? (The kids asked too!) Well, it can be celebrated all year long...and it is about taking the time to enjoy people & things that are in your life. It's not about wanting is about enjoying what you have! So as I was putting my fun foam turtles hung with pipe cleaners on the tree...I was singing "O Turtle Tree...O Turtle lovely are your turtles". The kids were laughing their heads off, but I have a feeling the music teachers are not going to be happy with me when the kids start sing my version for the Christmas program & not theirs! ha ha

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